Board of Reference

These members of our Board of Reference endorse the outreach of Voice of Christ Media Ministries.

George Verwer - Founder, Operation Mobilization

George Verwer"This is a vital, urgently needed ministry to some of the most unreached people in the world. More of us need to get involved in this."





Luis Palau - International evangelist

Luis Palau 1"I'm persuaded by faith and by Scripture, which says God the Savior wants 'all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth,' that God’s purposes will be accomplished and the Muslim world will welcome the Gospel in this generation. Voice of Christ Media Ministries' strategic ministry to Iran and the Persian world is more important than ever."



Michael Little - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Former President, Christian Broadcasting Network.

Michael Little 1"I am privileged to know the work and ministry of the Voice of Christ Media Ministries and its leadership team for over 45 years. This ministry is renowned for its integrity, excellence and uncompromising commitment to making known the life and love of Jesus Christ. We would all do well to support them strongly."




Tat Stewart - Founder and Executive Director of Talim Ministries

Tat Stewart“As one who served on the Board of Directors for many years, I wholeheartedly endorse Voice of Christ Media Ministries for I know first-hand the integrity and faithfulness of the board members and the staff. And as a regular listener to “Radio Mojdeh" (internet radio), I daily receive the blessings of solid Biblical teaching and inspiring praise music. I promote this wonderful ministry among Farsi speakers everywhere I go and firmly believe that the great spiritual awaking that is taking place in Iran has been greatly fueled by Voice of Christ Media Ministries.”

Pat Cate - Ambassador-at-Large, Christar

Pat Cate"Iranians are undoubtedly the most responsive Muslims who are coming to Christ around the world. Many Iranians are fed up with Islam and the Ayatollahs, but they are not fed up with God. God has used Voice of Christ Media Ministries in a very significant way to reach this large and responsive Muslim people with the good news of Christ. Because of the ministry of Voice of Christ Media Ministries, Muslims in tiny villages and large cities beyond the reach of a Persian-speaking church can hear the good news of Jesus Christ in the privacy of their own homes, out in the fields or in their shops."

Larry Wayne - On-air host, K-LOVE Radio

Larry Wayne 2"Broadcasting the truth of the gospel by radio breaks through the thickest walls, even in Iran! And that's just what Voice of Christ Media Ministries does every day of the week. Please join me in praying for the harvest in Iran as you financially support this most vital ministry."


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