What's in the future?

Mobile App iOSVoice of Christ Media Ministries is constantly monitoring the tech landscape for better ways to send our message to Iranian people. Over the years, old technologies have died and new ones have been created. Future technologies are on the horizon.

We used shortwave radio for 40 years. It could be received with inexpensive equipment. However, the signals were unreliable and frequently faded in and out. The audio quality was often poor. Transmitting was expensive, as international shortwave broadcasts used giant antenna arrays and huge amounts of electricity. With a shrinking number of listeners, we completely stopped using it in 2014.

Now we concentrate on using more cutting-edge tools. One of these is direct-broadcast satellite which can be received using a simple dish antenna, receiver, and television. Millions of Iranians have dishes and receivers attached to their TVs. We broadcast our Radio Mojdeh channel from a satellite 24 hours a day.

A newer tool that we use is internet radio. It can be accessed with computers as well as the most unobtrusive and common receiving equipment of all: smartphones. But most people have to live with slow and unreliable internet service because the Iranian government deliberately restricts internet connectivity.

So, after much research and development, we now stream our Radio Mojdeh internet radio using HLS, a protocol that does the best job of playing continuously even if the internet connection is unreliable. Also listeners with limited data plans can minimize their use of data while still getting good quality audio.

What’s in the future? New media and tools will certainly be emerging, and we are committed to staying on the cutting edge so we can reach the most people with the message of Christ. We’re always watching for what might be the next new way for our listeners to “tune in.”

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