Radio Mojdeh adapts to the smartphone revolution

Mobile App AndroidIn contrast to prior generation listening devices (shortwave, AM, and FM radio receivers), every smartphone comes with a screen. While this may be obvious, it brings with it a challenge for a radio broadcaster. What do we want Radio Mojdeh to display on the screen?

Young people in Iran have high expectations. They want to know what they are hearing. They want the screen to display the name of the program and the name of the artist, if it is music. This information is called “metadata.”

From a technology standpoint, displaying correct metadata synchronized with the audio is not easy! It can be a significant challenge for a radio station. For us this was a lengthy process, involving our program producers, technology managers and outside software contractors, both English- and Farsi-speaking.

We started with our extensive music library. We had to create accurate metadata for everything in the library. The next step was the encoder that compresses the audio stream for internet broadcast. The encoder must embed the metadata at the correct time so the metadata appears when the song begins. Finally, our smartphone apps need to display the information. Both our Android and Apple apps were upgraded to display metadata accurately.

Now when our Iranian friends listen to Christian worship music on Radio Mojdeh, using their computer or smartphone, they enjoy seeing the artist’s name and the song title.

The real goal is to help Iranians get to know Jesus Christ. We want them to continue listening, and we do everything possible to transmit the very best programming that we can. We want it to be both true to God’s Word and technically superior.

Pray that many more Iranians will make it a habit to listen to Radio Mojdeh and that their hearts will be gripped by the message of Christ.

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