Remote family counseling

contact writingIn the West church elders and counseling directors are often called upon to help and advise individuals, married couples – or those soon to be married – and whole families. We are glad for a new opportunity to offer our contacts in Iran the same kind of biblical help.

Most churches inside Iran are small groups that meet privately in homes. Unfortunately, many of the believers – even the group leaders – have only been saved a short time and are spiritually immature. Iranian Christians need to be given Bible-based discipleship, teaching, and counseling. In some cases, they need pre-marital and marriage counseling.

Our follow-up department has undertaken to offer such help to our contacts in Iran through email, telephone, and video chat. When someone puts their faith in Christ inside the country, it may be a long time before they can locate another believer who can teach them. Hearing the friendly voice of someone who also loves the Lord – maybe for the first time – can be one of the most encouraging helps available. So our follow-up team is contacting trusted individuals and couples to give them teaching and counseling.

We want to continue offering this much needed help to new believers, most of whom have come to Christ through Radio Mojdeh. We pray God will build His church in Iran, and we know He will use the solid foundation of the Bible to do it.

Pray that God will use these counseling sessions to instruct and build up believers in Iran. Pray for personal growth in the lives of these new Christians as they are discipled by our follow-up team. Pray for wisdom for our team and for God to use their teaching and discipling.

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