New radio program series

Saro KhachikianThis summer we welcome two new Iranian partners to our ministry.

Iranian-born Michael Germi is a gifted Iranian Bible teacher whom we have come to know recently. He is now living in the West and is eager to serve the Lord. Michael has been producing Christian radio programs in the Farsi language and wanted to reach more people. Because our Radio Mojdeh internet and satellite stations reach a wide audience in Iran and in many other countries, we offered to begin broadcasting his program which is called “Be Sha-rat” (witness).

We are trusting the Lord to use “Be Sharat” all over the Farsi-speaking world. Pray that God will use his Bible teaching to make the Word of God known among Iranians and to bring glory to the Lord Jesus.

We will also begin airing another new series of programs recorded by Saro Khachikian of the Christ Armenian Church in California (see photo on the right). The English title of the 40-part Farsi series is “Sound Christian Living.” In this radio program series, Saro teaches on personal family issues, and we are delighted to offer this helpful resource to our Iranian friends.

Pray that God will use both of these new radio programs to strengthen the marriages and families of many Iranian Christians.

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