Radio Mojdeh mobile phone app upgrade

Mobile Apps 2018Iranians find mobile phones extremely useful for staying in touch with family and friends, listening to music, and benefiting from many useful apps. There are more cell phones in Iran than there are people!

Mobile phones are definitely “cutting edge” in Iran. They are also extremely strategic tools for sending the Word of God into Iran and for providing sound Bible teaching and spiritual help.

Recently we were able to upgrade the apps to make them the gateway to all the Radio Mojdeh ministries. They have an improved menu so Iranians and Afghans can quickly link to the Radio Mojdeh website and other resources. They can connect to our Facebook page, YouTube videos, and the helpful Telegram channels. They can leave voicemails or send emails.

The apps include an audio player that allows people to listen to our live internet radio station while displaying the name of the vocalist, song title, and other information.

God directed us to an app development company outside North America that built both the Android and iOS apps at a much lower price, and they completed the project. This important project was made possible by financial gifts from our faithful friends. Thank you!

Pray that many thousands of Iranians will install these new apps and that God will use them to speak to their hearts.

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