“Woman of Faith” programs bring hope and encouragement

veiled woman readingAlthough we live in the 21st century, the lives of many women in Iran can resemble those of women who lived many centuries ago. Many times they cannot see beyond their circumstances. Our Zan-e Iman (Woman of Faith) program producer wants them to see Jesus.

Iranian women are often treated as if they have less worth than a man, although they do not before God. Sons are preferred over daughters. Any time a husband is dissatisfied with his wife, he may avoid her, beat her, or force her out of the home. This kind of emotional and psychological abuse leaves lasting scars.

Christian women can face much hardship and persecution in Iran. When they put their faith in Christ, they may be harshly mistreated by their husbands, thrown out of the house, or even divorced.

Woman of Faith is a ten to twenty minute radio program that we produce and broadcast for the women of Iran. Currently, 40 Woman of Faith programs are being aired, and our production staff is working on more.

Woman of Faith addresses issues faced by Iranian women. The goal of the programs is to encourage women, counsel them about how they can handle their problems, and teach them from God’s Word how to live by faith.

We want to help women to know the God of love personally through faith in the Gospel. We want to encourage women who are already Christian believers to grow in grace and maturity. A recent two-part program was entitled, “Faith instead of Fear.” Other topics have been abortion, waiting for the Lord, worry, and how God uses hardship and suffering for our good.

Pray that the Woman of Faith programs will benefit Iranian women and that those who hear will respond with faith. Pray for courage for these women, and that they will take refuge in Christ. Pray that they will live Christ-honoring lives before husbands and children and others whose lives they touch.

You can sponsor a portion of or an entire Zan-e Iman program. Each program costs US$300 or CDN$397 to produce, broadcast, and post in written form on the Radio Mojdeh website.

Your gift will be used to send personal encouragement and hope to women all over Iran who are beginning to understand the kind of love God has for them.

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