“Our Daily Bread” to be recorded in Farsi

Our Daily Bread Logo 2We thank God for connecting us with two new Iranian voices to help record an audio version of “Our Daily Bread” for Radio Mojdeh. Maryam and Ebrahim’s newest project will involve over a thousand short recordings!

Several months ago we began talking to a dear Iranian brother who is the director of the Jude Project, a ministry that trains Iranian Christians by publishing solid Christian books. This brother has had the vision to make “Our Daily Bread” available in Farsi.

You’re probably familiar with this wonderful Bible-based booklet. It contains a Scripture and short devotional message for each day of the month and recommendations for personal daily Bible reading. Some people subscribe to it via postal mail or email. It is also used in correctional facilities and other places.

The Jude Project has already translated three years of “Our Daily Bread” (Naan-e Roozan-e) into Farsi. That’s 1,095 short chapters. Now they are asking us to help make them into audio recordings.

The plan is for Maryam and Ebrahim to record the devotional messages so we can broadcast them on our Radio Mojdeh internet and satellite radio stations and make them available as downloadable podcasts from our Farsi website, Facebook, and Telegram.

The director of the Jude Project talked with our Iranian Director of Production about these recordings and told him, “I recognize your voice!” He had listened to him on our radio broadcasts while he was growing up in Iran many years ago!

We will move ahead with this project as the Lord provides. Pray that thousands of Iranian listeners will grow in their faith as they listen to “Our Daily Bread” in Farsi.

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