All of the Book…Five Years of the Whole Book in Farsi!

Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee comes to Radio Mojdeh

thru the bible logoBy the time you read this, Radio Mojdeh will have begun broadcasting and podcasting our Farsi adaptation of J. Vernon McGee’s Thru the Bible radio programs. Producing all 1300 episodes of this five-year series is a huge project. We began by airing the 200 programs already completed by our team.

In an international collaboration, most of the translating, adapting of scripts, recording of voices, editing, and mixing was done by Iranians living in Turkey. Our Iranian staff in the USA trained them on audio editing software and guided the audio production. The international team worked late into the night, allowing us to speak with them during our daytime over internet telephone. Shared software and internet connectivity have made such international collaborations the wave of the future. We hope to increase our operational capacity by expanding these kinds of global partnerships.

Many thousands of Iranians have left Iran and are living in nearby countries. A significant number of these refugees have become Christian. Work and income are often difficult as they seek to establish themselves in a new country. The pandemic has intensified this economic hardship.

Voice of Christ Media Ministries is privileged to hire refugees with skills relevant to Radio Mojdeh’s production needs. Audio production collaborations give them work, using their talents and supplying them with income. The Lord has brought together a team of skilled, accomplished people (including a movie star!) who are doing very professional work for us. We are glad to give employment to these dear people who have sacrificed so much for their faith. We are grateful to receive the benefit of their expertise.

Our Farsi adaptation of Thru the Bible is called Tamame Ketab, which means literally, “All of the Book.” We have used a discussion format with a host asking questions and a teacher answering them. This new format is engaging and the programs sound great.

Production excellence in audio programming has long been a hallmark of Radio Mojdeh. This series is a big investment. The high quality programs our global team is creating will be shared with other ministries. We are excited to present the Tamame Ketab series as a gift to the whole Iranian Church. We are thankful the Lord has supplied the funds to undertake this huge project, and for Iranian Christians in other countries who, despite their hardships, have a heart to serve the Lord with their talents.

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