Importance of discipling new believers

In addition to evangelism, our other key goal is to build up Christians in their new faith and in their new life.

House ChurchInstructing, encouraging, and building up brand new Iranian believers is an ongoing challenge. But it is one that is very rewarding. When Iranian Muslims come to Christ they are faced with different values, different standards, different friends and a whole different way of thinking. That is hard enough by itself. However, they also experience an almost certain breakdown in every family relationship they have ever known and cherished. Not just a breakdown, but often active hostility and maybe even violence. It should be no surprise that sometimes a genuine seeker just can’t deal with this and may move back toward his or her comfort zone.

Our follow-up department plays a key role in patiently answering questions, praying, giving advice and encouraging Bible reading. Since we cannot be there ourselves to disciple new believers, we ask the Holy Spirit to help, teach, and guard them in His wonderful way.

The only way believers can meet with other Christians in Iran is in house churches. House church leaders can access our library of audio and written discipleship materials from a wide spectrum of Iranian Bible teachers. We also provide the entire Farsi Bible on the Radio Mojdeh website. How thankful we are for these Iranian Bible teachers who are committed to teaching the Bible faithfully and accurately.

Pray for God to raise up spiritually-mature house church leaders in Iran who will humbly receive instruction and become equipped to teach other believers to do the same. We entrust the teaching of God’s Word to faithful people who will be able to teach others as well (2 Timothy 2:2). Pray that our follow-up team will have wisdom to answer the many questions they receive each week and patiently explain the truth to these new believers. Pray that the Lord will use all of the materials on our Radio Mojdeh website, radio broadcastssocial media channels, and mobile apps to declare the whole counsel of God.

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