Radio Mojdeh apps get an update

Mobile Apps 2018Since our first app for mobile devices appeared in 2015, we have released several updates to improve the usefulness, reliability, and appearance of our Android and iOS apps.

Cell phones are extremly important in Iran; there are more cell phones than citizens in the country! Many people use two or more phones— a “private” one, and a “legal” one, kept in case the police examine one’s cell phone. Due to greater expense and difficulty obtaining Apple products, most Iranians use Android devices. The Radio Mojdeh Android app has gained a devoted group of listeners inside Iran.

A software development team is working on an update of our app to keep pace with technology, and to incorporate some improvements. Recently, podcasts have become an increasingly important pathway for Iranians to access our programs, so one major initiative is to add links to our podcast library on various platforms.

Have you ever encountered a webpage that wouldn’t close? This experience, a “freeze”, is very frustrating to users. While a networked audio player app is complex, each update strives to make the app more reliable than before, with fewer crashes and smoother operation.

The Iranian government blocks many internet sites and apps, and has begun to interfere with our present app’s ability to connect. Another important goal is to restore the app’s ability to connect to our internet streams inside Iran.

Our overall aim is to increase the availability of the gospel, Biblical teaching, wholesome advice on family issues, and wonderful Christian music in Persian.

Please pray that the software team’s work will be high quality, and useful to listeners. Pray that the government’s blocking will not succeed, and the app will connect reliably for our listeners inside Iran. Pray that Muslim Iranians will come to know Christ, and that Iranian Christians will grow in their faith.

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