Use of mobile phones on the increase

man holding cell phoneWe want to be on the cutting edge and utilize many kinds of communication media so that more and more Iranians can learn the truth and come to Christ. The Apostle Paul said, “I became all things to all people, that by all means I might save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22).

Daily we see evidence of the importance of utilizing mobile phone technology to reach Iranians with the Word of God. Mobile phones are a great tool and clearly a gift from God. They are in wide-spread use, provide privacy, and are affordable for most Iranians. Many Iranians have more than one mobile phone.

Most Iranians use Android phones which are legal to purchase in Iran. Significantly fewer use Apple phones, banned in Iran because they are American-made.

Iranians can reach out to Radio Mojdeh on their mobiles phone via the website itself, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and YouTube. They can contact us by phone or email. However, by far the majority use Telegram, a secure messaging app.

An increasing number of people are accessing our media on mobile phone apps. We ran a recent promotional campaign, and we pray that many will respond by installing the apps. Promotional campaigns are important because they connect with people beyond our audience of faithful listeners. We always want to draw new people in.

It is our goal to introduce updates to the mobile apps more frequently. This used to mean every two or three years. Now it means a major update annually and minor ones more often than that. God has allowed us to hire a good team of engineers offshore, and we hope to utilize them and their skills on a regular basis.

Pray that more and more Iranians will find our free mobile phone apps and install them. God is using them to communicate His Word to them.

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