An introduction to Iranian cooking

Bourdain-Iranian-FoodVisitors to Iran have long discovered that Iranian food is delicious and Iranian hospitality is special.

World-renowned chef, best-selling author and Emmy-winning television personality Anthony Bourdain discovered this first-hand when he visited Iran and was invited into the homes of friendly Iranians who extended kind hospitality and served him huge spreads of tasty food.

One particular family welcomed him into their home for a traditional Iranian meal and good conversation, and it was recorded on video and shown on CNN. To watch a video clip, go to this page and click the "Bourdain in Iran: Land of Secret Recipes" link on the left side of the page.

Bourdain says this about Iranian cooking: "These are very time-consuming dishes to prepare - always from scratch and always in excess of what you could possibly need. You tend to kill your guests with kindness around here."

If you ever have the opportunity to be a guest in an Iranian home, experience their hospitality and sample their food , we think you'll agree!

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