Preserving traditional Persian cooking

kebab dinnerThis is the mission of Saman Golriz, chef and long-time host of "Bahooneh," a cooking TV show in Iran. It is the longest running cooking show in Iran and draws thousands of viewers, even after nearly two decades. 

Jackie Abramian is a reporter, author, and a marketing and social media strategist for high-tech companies. She spent the day with the 45-year old Golriz. They visited some of Tehran’s best restaurants and stopped at ancient architectural sites in Tehran’s old – pre-revolution – streets. Then she wrote this article to describe her experiences.

When I lived in Iran, I quickly came to love Persian food - and still do! It is delicious! Jackie Abramian's article is a good introduction to Persian food and Tehran's restaurants. And as they say in Farsi, Nooshe Jan or Bon Appetit.

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