Christmas in Iran

wisemen 1Iran is an Islamic Republic, and 99% of the population is made up of Muslims who do not observe Christmas. But a tiny Christian minority does celebrate this holiday.  This minority includes nominally-Christian Armenians and Assyrians as well as Catholics, Protestants and Evangelical Christians.

Easter is the most important Christian holiday in Iran, but Christmas is significant as well. Every year, many Iranian Christians celebrate by decorating Christmas trees and exchanging gifts. During the season, Christmas trees go on sale in Tehran, primarily in predominantly Armenian and Assyrian neighborhoods.

Christians attend special Christmas church services if they can. However, many Christians live in areas of the country where there are no church fellowships. They can quietly celebrate the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ in their own homes.

Christmas is all about remembering and worshipping Jesus Christ. During the weeks leading up to Christmas, Voice of Christ Media Ministries includes special Christmas programming in its broadcasts and on its Farsi Radio Mojdeh website. We explain the wonderful story of Jesus Christ and highlight the eternal and very personal significance of His unique birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection.

Pray that God will move in the hearts of millions of Iranians as they hear about Christ and His saving power.

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