Jesus, you are not hidden

Jesus ShepherdOne of our contacts in Iran wrote the following poem and recited it to us over the telephone. Iranians have loved poetry for centuries and quote it to express some of their deepest thoughts.

This new believer sent us the thoughts of his heart in poetic form. The title may allude to the “hidden 12th imam” for whom Shiite Muslims are waiting. This man has come to understand that Jesus Christ is not hidden. Rather, He desires to come close to people, fellowship with them and make Himself known.

Despite the fact that the poem loses something in the translation, it is clear how much this man loves Christ.

"Jesus, You are my way of salvation
Jesus, You are my life
And the peace of my heart

You have opened the doors of heaven to us
Jesus, You are not hidden
You reveal Yourself as real

My eyes, my heart, my lips sacrifice for You, my Shepherd
My heart, my spirit, my soul
With you I am safe

I love you
I worship you
In order to be with you, I broke all the idols

You are the son of God
The faithful Shepherd
You are the Son of man
You are King and You are God

You, You are truly honest
You are the source of love
You have provided a table on earth with light and mercy

I have joy with You always
I have been redeemed
I am free in heaven and on earth

On heaven and earth, only You remember me

Glory to Jesus’ name"

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