Radio Mojdeh on Facebook

facebook_logo2God is using an exciting new medium for connecting with Iranians, inside the country and around the world. That tool is Radio Mojdeh on Facebook.

Facebook is popular in Iran, especially among youth. It is a valuable front door for people to find us, particularly the younger generation who are one of the groups we want to reach with the Gospel. It helps spread new ideas or what we used to call, “getting the word out.”

For our friends who are not regulars on Facebook, this cutting-edge networking tool can achieve far greater and faster results than spreading the word verbally, person-to-person. Iranians who find us on Facebook can share the link to the Radio Mojdeh website by messaging their friends or posting it on their wall.

A young married man recently posted a message for us in Persian on Facebook: “Hi to everyone who works at Radio Mojdeh! My wife and I listen to your radio programs a lot. We tell our friends about you, too, and refer them to your website.  May the Lord bless you. Your worship songs are great, and the Unshackled! programs are very good. I’d say you are great in general!  I truly want to encourage you and I want you to know we listen to your programs two or three hours every night. May the Lord strengthen you and give you good health.”

The Lord is using the Radio Mojdeh Facebook page in the hearts of Iranians all over Iran and in many other nations of the world.

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