"What is Christianity?"

What_ChristianityDuring the first half of the 20th century, one of the choice men God used to proclaim the Gospel in Iran was Dr. William Miller. A warm and gregarious man, Dr. Miller traveled all over the country teaching the Word of God and making disciples. He was a prolific writer and one of his most helpful books in Persian is entitled "Maseeheeyat Cheest" (“What Is Christianity?”).

We placed this book on our Farsi website so it can be read and downloaded by Iranians. But hard copies of the book are still available in Iran. Many were published and distributed before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

A new believer emailed us recently and told us his story. He and his wife came to know the Lord about a year ago. They had managed to get a copy of “Maseeheeyat Cheest” and, as a result, both put their trust in Christ to save them. They also read another booklet we have used for years in our follow-up ministry called “The Validity of the Bible.”

Then the trouble began. Their families disowned them. They would still like to get baptized, but this seems impossible because they do not know any Christians. They have not dared to share their faith with anyone else and are considering moving out of the country in order to be baptized. Our follow-up team is counseling them. Please pray for them.

















































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