5 Ways Persecution in Iran Has Backfired

handcuffs 2"The Bible is full of stories reminding us that, whatever the opposition, God is always victorious. It’s the story of Joseph before Potiphar’s wife, of Moses before Pharaoh, of Daniel before the lions, of Esther before King Ahasuerus, of Peter and John before the Council. Supremely, it’s the story of the Lord Jesus, who was crucified and rose for our salvation.

It’s also the story of the Iranian church in my lifetime. When I was a child, persecution threatened to wipe it out. Instead, the church in Iran has become the fastest-growing evangelical church in the world today—and it’s affecting the region for Christ. Scripture is clear that God often uses his people’s suffering to advance his kingdom. In his providence, the Islamic regime’s strategies to stamp out the Persian-speaking church in Iran have backfired—resulting in further church growth."

So writes David Yeghnazar, who was born in Tehran and who has seen first-hand the amazing things God has done among Iranians. God has actually used the persecution of Christians to advance the Gospel!

Read more in this excellent article.

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