Radio program production

mixing board 2The gifted and trained production staff of Voice of Christ Media Ministries writes, records, and mixes our radio programs in a clear, compelling, and culturally-sensitive way. They use professional-quality studios equipped with the latest computer and recording technology.

We use a whole variety of formats to make the programs interesting to our listeners. Our programs always contain Christ-centered music and teaching from God’s Word. We do not get involved in regional politics or criticism of other religions. Instead, we focus on sharing the message of Jesus Christ with seekers and helping believers grow in their faith.

We produce and broadcast Persian radio programs targeted to reach:

Seekers – Our native evangelists speak to the hearts of Persian Muslims in their own language.

Creative, relevant, and culturally sensitive presentations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ clarify misunderstandings and answer questions that seekers have about the Bible, Jesus Christ, and salvation.

Some examples of program series for seekers:

  • "Unshackled!" - Dramatized stories of real people whose lives have been dramatically changed by Jesus Christ.  The programs consist of powerful testimonies of people who have come to Christ, including those who have been set free from addictions and other wrong lifestyle choices. 
  • “I Am” - A series based on the seven “I Am’s” of Jesus in the Gospel of John. Each segment talks about the person of Christ and how He is the all-sufficient Savior.
  • “Testimonies” - Testimonies of Iranian Christians who have believed in Christ and experienced change in their lives.

Christian Believers – Many of our programs encourage believers, teach them about basic Bible doctrines and discipleship, and equip them to grow and stand firm in their faith.

Some examples of program series for Christians:

  • “Victory in Difficulties” - This series teaches that God causes all things to work together for good and encourages believers to trust God in all circumstances.
  • “Speaking with God our Heavenly Father” - An uplifting series that encourages and equips believers in how to have an effective prayer life.
  • “Marriage and Family in Christianity” - Biblical teaching about marriage, the husband and wife relationship, and roles and responsibilities in marriage.

Youth – Our youth programs share the hope that God offers through Christ. Fast-paced programs full of practical Bible teaching, testimonies, short dramas, younger voices, and contemporary Persian music speak to the hearts of youth today.

Some examples of program series for youth:

  • "Magazine" Programs - Programs containing short segments that focus on a variety of topics and approaches using contemporary music and Christian songs, poetry, and commonly-asked questions and answers.
  • “The Devil’s Powder” - A series of programs for youth who find themselves in the middle of a deepening drug crisis. This series contains short teaching segments combined with short stories, poems, contemporary Christian music, questions and answers, and testimonies.
  • “The Story of Ben Hur” - An evangelistic series adapted from the novel Ben Hur based on the life of Christ. It was recorded with sound effects and with special music from the soundtrack of the 1959 movie by the same name.

Women – Women in Iran face difficult challenges and struggles and need encouragement, comfort and hope.  Our Zan-e Iman (“Woman of Faith”) programs have just the words they need to hear.  Topics include:

  • Making our heavenly Father our priority.
  • Weathering the storms of life with the living Christ alongside us.
  • Being transformed by the renewal of our mind.

Each program is about 12 minutes long and devotional in nature.  The Gospel is given at the end for any unbelievers who listen.  We also post the radio scripts on the Radio Mojdeh website for women to read.  Women who are defeated on the outside are usually defeated on the inside.  They need to know that they have a place of strength and security to run to in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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