podcasts 2A podcast is a digital audio file that users can download from the internet to a computer or mobile device for easy listening.

We have an extensive selection of podcasts for our Farsi-speaking listeners. We are engaged in a multi-year effort to make over 4,000 audio programs from our library available as podcasts. Shows with new episodes each day include: New Life, Message of Love, Voice of Salvation, and Children of Light.

Podcasts are a potent tool for penetrating Iran. They overcome obstacles that Iranians face with internet blocking, expensive cellular data service, and unreliable internet connections.

Podcasting is extremely popular among Iranians. Internet service in Iran is slow and expensive. Many people have jobs or are students at institutions where the internet is provided for them to do their work. The average “twenty somethings” in Iran can download a program at work or college and listen to it later that evening or on the weekend in the privacy of their home. Although you need an internet connection to download podcasts, you don’t need it to listen offline.

Our podcasts are available on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Spotify, Podbean, Stitcher, and many others. This diversity of sources makes blocking difficult and facilitates discovery by people searching topics like “Christianity” in Farsi. Podcast platforms also make hundreds of episodes searchable by title and description so listeners can find answers to their specific questions or concerns.

Most Iranians already have at least one podcast app on their mobile phone. We anticipate that 90% of our listeners access our podcasts via their mobile phones, rather than from a desktop computer, because mobile phones provide more privacy.

God is using podcasts to reach the hearts of Iranians seeking the truth and to edify many believers.

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