• The familiar Christmas story is much more meaningful for those who live in the Middle East since Jesus was born there. Drawing from the rich background of the Iranian culture and history, the following observations will ...

  • Promises, promises. Sometimes we’re tempted to be cynical about promises because they seem to be made so casually.

    Many promises today are often accompanied by “fine print” that essentially nullifies any obligation to honor them. Sadly, many of us have ...

  • God is moving people around the world. Have you noticed internationals in your neighborhood? God is bringing the mission field to our doorsteps, from all over the world.

    Yes, immigration is a major political and economic issue today. But God has an ...

  • Where is the fastest growing church in the world? Brazil? China? The United States? South Africa?

    No. Iran.

    That’s right. For several decades, this Islamic Republic has seen the most explosive growth of new followers of Jesus.

    And yet Iran’s largest ...

  • The concept of a loving, compassionate, personal God is foreign to the Muslim belief system. Most Muslims’ exposure to such a God will likely be through relationships with believers in Christ—believers like you! Although building into the lives of ...

  • You've probably heard about the recent widespread protests in Iran.

    After the government more than doubled the cost of gasoline prices, protests broke out in at least 100 cities. Government forces cracked down. Many were injured, and scores reported ...

  • The Mercury News reports: For one of Silicon Valley’s most important inventions, we can thank Avideh Zakhor, creator of technology that helped bring us Google Earth and Street View.

    Before today’s Google Earth and Street View could show us their ...

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persian carpets

Learn about the Persian World

The term "Persians" refers to people who speak Persian as their mother tongue or who trace their ethnicity to the ancient Indo-European people called the Aryans who moved south from Central Asia… READ MORE
Engage Cover 2

Engage Muslims with Christ

God wants the nations to know Christ – so He brought them to your doorstep. You see Muslims in your neighborhoods, schools, grocery stores, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Muslims are more open to the… READ MORE

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House Church

Importance of discipling new believers

In addition to evangelism, our other key goal is to build up Christians in their new faith and in their new life. Instructing, encouraging, and building up brand new Iranian believers is an ongoing challenge. But it is… Read more

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