• Norooz brings Spring to Iran

    Happy Norooz to our Iranian friends. 

    Everyone looks forward to spring. However, the first day of spring probably has more meaning for Iranians because it is also the beginning of the Iranian New Year.

    Norooz ("new day"), which fell this ...

  • Norooz Simply Explained

    Norooz is the beginning of the Iranian New Year and the happiest time of the year for Iranians. This year Norooz fell on March 20.

    This important holiday has been celebrated for more than 3,000 years in Iran as well as in other Middle Eastern and Central Asia ...

  • Program production

    The Voice of Christ Media Ministries team writes, records, and mixes our programs in professional-quality studios equipped with the latest computer and recording technology.

    Our programs always contain Christ-centered messages from God’s Word. We do not get i ...

  • Ladan's story

    Ladan is an Iranian who became a follower of Jesus.  Her moving story is both amazing and encouraging. 

    It gives a glimpse into the courage of the Iranian church and the hunger of the Iranian people to read the Word of God. 

    View the video here.  It was prod ...

  • Iran's Abbasi: The Middle East's most beautiful hotel

    Flick through almost any travel magazine these days and you're bound to come across an article hailing Iran as the next big destination.

    Prompting the spike in interest in the Islamic Republic is recent geopolitical wrangling in the shape of a nuclear deal wi ...

  • Five surefire ways to start a conversation with a Muslim

    My wife’s amazing with big projects. She dives in, does the next thing and bit by bit gets it done. Jesus was like that with people: Chat with the next Samaritan, engage the next outsider, raise the next dead guy to life!

    We have a problem with Muslims and pa ...

  • Across Iran by bicycle

    "I wept as I watched it."  So said a friend who lived in Iran for many years and still loves the Iranian people.

    Many non-Iranians only get their news about Iran from the media and don't know what the average Iranian is really like.

    This well-done video pres ...

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Tajikistan fast facts

Geography Land Area: 144,100 square kilometers (56,637 square miles) (slightly smaller than Wisconsin) Terrain: Pamir and Alay mountains dominate the… Read more
7 Ways to Share with Muslims

Ways to share your faith with Muslims

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The Cutting Edge

Android Screenshot Cutting Edge

Spreading the Word on the phone

Mobile phone technology couldn’t be more perfect for our outreach to Iranians. Mobile phones, smartphones in particular, are very common in Iran. In fact, there are more cell phones in Iran than there are people. This… Read more

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