• Thanksgiving is all about expressing our gratitude to the Lord for the countless ways He has blessed us. We can thank Him in prayer and also by reaching out and helping other people in His Name.

    This Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reach out to Iranians in the Name of Jesus by sharing the Good News of salvation with them. Most know little if ...

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map afghanistan 1

Afghanistan fast facts

Geography Terrain: Mostly rugged mountains with plains in the north and southwest Arable Land: 12% People Population: 34,940,837 (July 2018) Population Density: 54.1 per square kilometer Age… READ MORE
man strippedShirt Lg

Learn the Farsi language

Language is the key to understanding a culture and forming relationships with people from that culture. To be able to connect with Iranians, it is helpful to learn their language - Farsi (Persian) -… READ MORE

The Cutting Edge

Mobile Apps 2018

Radio Mojdeh apps get an update

Since our first app for mobile devices appeared in 2015, we have released several updates to improve the usefulness, reliability, and appearance of our Android and iOS apps. Cell phones are extremly important in Iran;… Read more
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