• Round table discussions for youth

    Two-thirds of the population of Iran is under 30 years of age. Iranian young people are well-educated, tech-savvy and vitally interested in the issues facing the entire world, not just Iran. They have strong opinions and want to express themselves openly.

    Rec ...

  • How we reach the Persian World

    During the Cold War, God used Christian radio to bring hope to those suffering behind the Iron Curtain. Today Voice of Christ Media Ministries is reaching behind the veil of Islam with the life-changing message of God’s Word.

    Radio programs are born in the pr ...

  • When Muslims ask:  Who is Jesus?

    As we see increasing evidence that the Spirit of God is moving across the Muslim world, more Muslims are asking the question, “Who is Jesus?” They may not be asking it of Christians or out loud, but it is certainly on their minds. Other Muslims ask it with an ...

  • An up-close visit to Yazd, Iran

    Here's a fascinating video taken on the streets of Yazd, a small city in central Iran.

    Small shops like these, rather than large super stores, form the core of daily commerce in Iran.  And you'll see that they're staffed by very friendly people.

    Iranian brea ...

  • Life along Afghanistan's Highway 1

    Life goes on in Afghanistan.

    Around 14 million people live along Highway 1, a 2,000-kilometre ring road that snakes around the Hindu Kush, connecting the country’s largest cities – Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kabul, Ghazni and Kandahar.

    It is fraught with danger. ...

  • Muslims asking Christians

    Seeking Muslims often have questions about the Christian faith. Here are some examples:

    • Do you believe in Muhammad and the Qur’an?
    • Why don’t you become a Muslim?
    • Why do you believe in three gods?
    • How can Jesus be the Son of God?
    • Jesus was not really cru ...

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Persian World news sources

Sources of up-to-date news. We are not responsible for the content of these sites. Afghanistan: Afghan News - News from Afghan Online Press AsiaNews… Read more

Ministries to the Persian World

A partial list of other outreach ministries to the Persian World: Afghan Bibles - Bibles in the languages of Afghanistan Afghan Christian Fellowship… Read more
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RadioMojdeh Home Page

New Look for the Radio Mojdeh Website

God has given us a number of cutting-edge media tools to use for evangelizing and discipling Iranians around the world. One of them is our Farsi Radio Mojdeh website that we launched seven years ago. The website… Read more

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