• You can help change the world! The "30 Days Prayer Focus on the Muslim World" coincides with the Muslim month of Ramadan. The dates this year are April 24-May 23. This is the largest ongoing international call for Christians to pray for the Muslim world.  It is a call for Christians to make a deliberate effort to learn about, pray for and reach out to Muslim neighbors . . . across ...

  • “Move towards me Bahar, farther back please,” Mom kept telling me with a glare.  It was my first time riding a bus in Tehran.  Until then, I had only peered through the buses from the street, while trying to capture a photo of how men and women sit in ...

  • Christians have been asking many questions about Muslims.  Who are they and what do they believe?

    Do all Muslims sanction violence?  Most importantly, what attitude should Christians have toward them?  Why do some Muslims use the Koran to justify ...

  • My wife’s amazing with big projects. She dives in, does the next thing and bit by bit gets it done. Jesus was like that with people: Chat with the next Samaritan, engage the next outsider, raise the next dead guy to life!

    We have a problem with Muslims ...

  • God is powerfully moving in the hearts of Iranians and preparing them. Many have come to discover that Islam does not meet their deepest needs and are actively seeking to know about Jesus Christ.

    However, it's not enough for people to simply have ...

  • The term "Persians" refers to people who speak Persian as their mother tongue or who trace their ethnicity to the ancient Indo-European people called the Aryans who moved south from Central Asia around 1200 BC. The ancient Persians settled in what is now ...

  • Islam is a fast-growing religion, especially in the Western world. Current events in the Middle East and closer to home highlight the importance for Christians today to become more aware of Islam and, most importantly, how to befriend Muslims and engage ...

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The debut of podcasts

We are happy to announce the launch of a new podcast ministry for our Farsi-speaking listeners. The content will consist of some 4,000 audio programs from our library. The podcasts will be available on the Radio Mojdeh… Read more
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