• Millions of Iranians and other Persian speakers are open to the Gospel and want to know more about Jesus Christ.

    Countless numbers log in to the Persian website, open their mobile apps, or tune their radios and satellite dishes to our radio station ...

  • Chris Clayman has befriended Muslims all over the place and actually lived in among them.

    In a brilliant recent article on the Crescent Project website, Chris shares four things unreached people wish we knew about them. Hopefully, they will intrigue you ...

  • Pastors, I honestly don’t know what it’s like to walk in your shoes. Back in college, I pastored a church of a dozen people. Elderly saints they were but with a remarkable propensity not to die. So I preached, and I dodged the rest of the pastoral ...

  • Every day our news is filled with disturbing news from the Muslim world which can often lead us to respond with fear, anger and frustration.

    Should the primary response of followers of Christ be shaped by a political or national view? Or a biblical ...

  • There's a fascinating connection between Iran and the Hebrew Bible. Iran is biblical Persia, the land of Esther and Daniel. This nation, raised up by God under King Cyrus, delivered the Jewish people from the Babylonian captivity and allowed them to ...

  • Voice of Christ Media Ministries ministers in many ways.

    Beginning in the 1950s Fern Scott served Iranians by working as a nurse.  She started out in Hamadan, a city famous as the burial place of Queen Esther and her uncle Mordecai.

    She moved up to ...

  • It is possible for tourists to visit Iran and if they do, they will find most Iranians to be very warm and friendly.

    The authorities and morality police may attempt to squelch your joy, but the overwhelming hospitality of the people you meet will more ...

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Iran fast facts

Geography Land Area: 1.65 million square kilometers (637,069 square miles) (slightly smaller than Alaska) Terrain: Rugged, mountainous rim. High, central basin with deserts, mountains. Small,… READ MORE
Engage Cover 2

Engage Muslims with Christ

God wants the nations to know Christ – so He brought them to your doorstep. You see Muslims in your neighborhoods, schools, grocery stores, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Muslims are more open to the… READ MORE

Ministries to the Persian World

A partial list of other outreach ministries to the Persian World: Afghan Bibles - Bibles in the languages of Afghanistan Afghan Christian Television – A ministry to the world-wide Afghan community… READ MORE

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