• Lake Urmia is a salt lake in northwestern Iran, between the provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan. It was once twice as large as Luxembourg, the largest lake in the Middle East, and the sixth-largest saltwater lake in the world.

    Sadly, the ...

  • Ever feel like you’re running dry? You know, a little ding breaks in on your reverie and it’s the low fuel light. Then you remember seeing a sign a couple minutes back that the next gas is 40 miles down the interstate? Just for example, not that this has ...

  • "You've worked for it. Now enjoy it. 20 years perhaps of play. Ease while the world uncared for medically, uneducated, filthy water, poverty-stricken, unevangelized - sink under the weight of healthy sixty-five year old people playing bridge, ...

  • Everyone loves a good story. As Christians, we especially love stories that tell us how, when all seems lost, God makes a way.

    One such story is about the church in Iran—and it’s one of the greatest stories in the world today.

    It’s a simple story that ...

  • Mobile phones are very popular in Iran. The number of smartphones is increasing rapidly. 

    Iran's English-language "Financial Tribune" published an interesting article about the most popular smartphones and mobile apps that are in use in the ...

  • Although not widely known as a tourist destination, Iran is a country worth visiting.

    Individuals and groups regularly tour the country and always come away with positive impressions.

    Iranians love foreigners and enjoy visiting with them, showing off ...

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Tajikistan fast facts

Geography Land Area: 144,100 square kilometers (56,637 square miles) (slightly smaller than Wisconsin) Terrain: Pamir and Alay mountains dominate the landscape. Western Fergana Valley in north.… READ MORE

Farsi literature and other material

Recommended sources of Persian (Farsi) evangelistic and discipleship literature, Bibles, New Testaments, videos, CDs, and other resources: Bible Societies - The Bible Societies in different countries… READ MORE

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Saro Khachikian

New radio program series

This summer we welcome two new Iranian partners to our ministry. Iranian-born Michael Germi is a gifted Iranian Bible teacher whom we have come to know recently. He is now living in the West and is eager to serve to the… Read more
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