• Ladan is an Iranian who became a follower of Jesus.  Her moving story is both amazing and encouraging. 

    It gives a glimpse into the courage of the Iranian church and the hunger of the Iranian people to read the Word of ...

  • During the first half of the 20th century, one of the choice men God used to proclaim the Gospel in Iran was Dr. William Miller. A warm and gregarious man, Dr. Miller traveled all over the country teaching the Word of God and making disciples. He was a ...

  • The world is watching to see if war will break out between Iran and the United States. How should Christians respond to this threat and to Iranians?

    Shane Bennett writes about this in his blog. His commitment, like ours, is to love Muslims the way Jesus ...

  • Christians are the most persecuted group in the world. The persecution of Christians is not only increasing but spreading to more corners of the globe. Incidents are occurring on every continent.

    The 2019 Open Doors World Watch List highlights the 50 ...

  • Access world news on your smartphone and you will certainly see stories focused on Iran, including threats by its government to break the 2015 nuclear deal and reports of attacks on ships in the Strait of Hormuz.

    In her June 18 report, Katey Hearth of ...

  • People may wonder why we would choose to love Iranians, especially at a time when some of them seem full of ill-will toward the rest of the world.

    We believe, as the Apostle Paul taught, that we should "not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with ...

  • In his insightful blog, John Thomas identifies three misunderstandings Muslims commonly have about the authority of the Bible, who Jesus is, and the way of salvation. He also gives practical suggestions for how Christians can respond to these ...

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Afghanistan Country Profile

The attention of the world has become riveted on Afghanistan in recent years. Prior to September 11, 2001, few people knew very much about this beautiful Central Asian country, which is located north… READ MORE
persian carpets

Learn about the Persian World

The term "Persians" refers to people who speak Persian as their mother tongue or who trace their ethnicity to the ancient Indo-European people called the Aryans who moved south from Central Asia… READ MORE

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Use of mobile phones on the increase

We want to be on the cutting edge and utilize many kinds of communication media so that more and more Iranians can learn the truth and come to Christ. The Apostle Paul said, “I became all things to all people, that by… Read more

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