• One of the best ways you can serve is by praying for Iranians and the outreach of Voice of Christ Media Ministries to them.

    Here are 10 strategic ways you can reach out to Iranians with Christ's love by praying for them:

    1.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts of ...

  • In light of the violent events that have increased migration around the world, many Christians are being lured into a posture of anger and hatred toward those from other lands.

    In this pivotal time, it is crucial that the Church leads the way in revealing God’s heart to love ...

  • Alexander the Great destroyed the ancient Persian city of Persepolis in 330 BC. Some believe he did it to make the Persian World more civil. 

    But history teaches us otherwise. 

    The Persian Empire was worth conquering because it was the greatest empire the world had yet seen. ...

  • Iran is a fascinating land of many contrasts.

    Although not widely known as a tourist destination, it has many interesting places that are worth visiting. Individuals and groups regularly tour the country and come away with positive impressions.

    Once you visit Iran, you’ll ...

  • It is possible to go to Iran as a tourist and have a great time visiting interesting places and getting to know friendly people.

    As Iran makes a push to increase inbound tourism, staff journalist of The Guardian takes a look at Iran's top tourist destinations – from ancient ...

  • This video is a good introduction to life on the busy streets of Tehran, Iran.

    The capital city is a large sprawl of concrete with frequent traffic jams and the resulting smog.

    People share the streets with honking cars, motorcycles and bicycles.  Somehow they usually manage ...

  • In the middle of all the political turmoil, this short video presents a different and welcome side of the land of Iran.

    Depicted are the nature, scenery, places and people of this beautiful country. You'll see out-of-the-way places where the average tourist never ...

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