• Integrity: Behind the seal

    Promises, promises. Sometimes we’re tempted to be cynical about promises because they seem to be made so casually. Many promises today are often accompanied by “fine print” that essentially nullifies any obligation to honor them. Sadly, many of us have even co ...

  • Tehran fast food

    Tehran has practically everything -- including many sit-down restaurants and fast-food outlets.  

    Sandwich shops have been a mainstay of life in the city for a long time.  This video features a fast food shop on one of the city's main streets - Iranian style.  ...

  • Jesus Christ is changing hearts!

    False ideas about God cause people to worship in a distorted manner and live out their lives tragically separated from God.

    Thankfully, the message of Christ continues to go out and reveal what God is like.  The Gospel is impacting many people.  It is not j ...

  • The Christian response to Muslims

    Christians have been asking many questions about Muslims.  Who are they and what do they believe?

    Do all Muslims sanction violence?  Most importantly, what attitude should Christians have toward them?  Why do some Muslims use the Koran to justify violence whi ...

  • Iran and its images

    Cyrus Dowlatshahi has captured some of the places and people of Iran in this video

    Although produced in 2011, it is still relevant to the Iran of today.

    The faces of friendly Iranians especially reveal the true Iranian spirit.

  • Spiritual change is needed most

    What can be done to address the problems in the Middle East?

    Millions of Iranians think that political deliverance will solve the problems of their homeland.

    Sadly, they know nothing yet about spiritual deliverance.

    Many people of Jesus’ time felt the same ...

Resources to Help You


Outreach resources

Here are some resources to help you reach out to Iranians and other Persians: The Jesus Film - The Jesus Film (alternatively called "Jesus") is a… Read more
map afghanistan 1

Afghanistan fast facts

Geography Terrain: Mostly rugged mountains with plains in the north and southwest Arable Land: 12% People Population: 33,332,025 (May 2016)… Read more
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The Cutting Edge

Android Screenshot Cutting Edge

Spreading the Word on the phone

Mobile phone technology couldn’t be more perfect for our outreach to Iranians. Mobile phones, smartphones in particular, are very common in Iran. In fact, there are more cell phones in Iran than there are people. This… Read more

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