• Iran is a beautiful country.

    From the green forests in the north to the glorious blue water of the Persian Gulf.  From the high mountains in the west to the endless golden deserts in the east.  Every corner of this beautiful land is full of color. 


  • You can help change the world! The "30 Days Prayer Focus on the Muslim World" coincides with the Muslim month of Ramadan. The dates this year are May 6-June 4. This is the largest ongoing international call for Christians to pray for the Muslim world.  ...

  • What we do is important. But even more important is who we are.

    The following ten "core values" reflect what is important to us and the kind of people we want to be as we serve the Lord. These values influence our personal attitudes and actions as well ...

  • 1. Ignore Jesus’ request in John 4:35 that we take a long hard look at the fields. Seeing the needs of people can be depressing and very unsettling. It could lead to genuine missionary concern. (John 4:35 “Do you not say, `Four months more and then the ...

  • A new book by our friend Roy Oksnevad has recently come off the press. This is highly recommended reading, especially for those wanting to help Iranian Christians in the diaspora.

    Every person coming to Christ has baggage, but a first-generation ...

  • Iran is a beautiful country with many interesting places to visit and enjoy. The people are friendly and engaging.

    Iranian photographer Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji has captured some of the beauty in a series of photographs that were published by CNN. ...

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Iran fast facts

Geography Land Area: 1.65 million square kilometers (637,069 square miles) (slightly smaller than Alaska) Terrain: Rugged, mountainous rim. High, central basin with deserts, mountains. Small,… READ MORE
journey to jesus dvd

Journey to Jesus DVD

Journey to Jesus: Building Christ-Centered Friendships with Muslims DVD Curriculum "The greatest obstacle to witnessing to Muslims in North America is we don’t know what this looks like. Journey to… READ MORE

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“Our Daily Bread” to be recorded in Farsi

We thank God for connecting us with two new Iranian voices to help record an audio version of “Our Daily Bread” for Radio Mojdeh. Maryam and Ebrahim’s newest project will involve over a thousand short recordings!… Read more

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