• The youth culture of Iran today is in crisis.

    Escalating social problems such as unemployment, drug abuse, prostitution and suicide weigh heavily on the general population, but especially on youth. With 70 percent of the population under 30 years ...

  • What does an Iranian student living in Pisa, Italy do when he misses his hometown and the delicious food that his family would often prepare? 

    He improvises a familiar recipe and enjoys the result.

    This blog in the Tehran Bureau of The Guardian is a ...

  • Are you healthy? I sure hope so. It can be a challenge these days not to be sick with COVID, heartsick, or sick to your stomach! Yay for me, I don’t have any of those right now. But in the process of reflecting, I’ve discovered another ailment that’s ...

  • Revolution, fear, ancient ethnic and religious rivalries, war, exploding populations, stagnating economies, crushing poverty, political oppression and religious fanaticism — a witch’s brew of seemingly unsolvable conflicts that are spreading at an ...

  • The fall of Afghanistan appears imminent, as Taliban forces regain the complete control over the country they lost two decades ago. While we don’t know for sure what the future will bring, we can be certain that Afghan Christians face grave danger in the ...

  • Bahram lives in Kurdistan, Iraq.  He is half Iranian and half Iraqi.  He came to know the Lord after listening to our radio broadcasts seven years ago.

    As a teenager he often slept out on the family’s roof at night during the hot summer months and watch ...

  • As we see increasing evidence that the Spirit of God is moving across the Muslim world, more Muslims are asking the question, “Who is Jesus?” They may not be asking it of Christians or out loud, but it is certainly on their minds. Other Muslims ask it ...

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All of the Book…Five Years of the Whole Book in Farsi!

Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee comes to Radio Mojdeh By the time you read this, Radio Mojdeh will have begun broadcasting and podcasting our Farsi adaptation of J. Vernon McGee’s Thru the Bible radio programs.… Read more

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Journey to Jesus DVD

Journey to Jesus: Building Christ-Centered Friendships with Muslims DVD Curriculum "The greatest obstacle to witnessing to Muslims in North America is we don’t know what this looks like. Journey to… READ MORE
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Afghanistan fast facts

Geography Terrain: Mostly rugged mountains with plains in the north and southwest Arable Land: 12% People Population: 34,940,837 (July 2018) Population Density: 54.1 per square kilometer Age… READ MORE
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Learn about the Persian World

The term "Persians" refers to people who speak Persian as their mother tongue or who trace their ethnicity to the ancient Indo-European people called the Aryans who moved south from Central Asia… READ MORE
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