• Maybe like me, you love to befriend Muslims, but struggle to talk about deep stuff. How do you turn a conversation toward spiritual things?

    Often when I think about this question I’m faced with the awkward realization that I’m not as spiritual as I wish I were. Which is quickly followed by, “What the heck am I doing even talking about stuff like ...

  • Our production team thoroughly enjoys working on the Unshackled! drama programs.  Preparing the scripts, recording, editing, mixing, selecting music and sound effects – the producers are excited about this work.

    One two-part Unshackled! program has ...

  • "I wept as I watched it."  So said a friend who lived in Iran for many years and still loves the Iranian people.

    Many non-Iranians only get their news about Iran from the media and don't know what the average Iranian is really like.

    This well-done ...

  • "The Program that Makes You Face Yourself and Think" 

    Real life stories of real people whose lives have been dramatically changed by Jesus Christ. This is the focus of a unique series of dramatic radio programs called Unshackled!

    Produced since 1950 ...

  • What can be done to address the problems in the Middle East? Millions of Iranians think that political deliverance will solve the problems of their homeland. Sadly, they know nothing yet about spiritual deliverance.

    Many people of Jesus’ time felt the ...

  • False ideas about God cause people to worship in a distorted manner and live out their lives tragically separated from God.

    Thankfully, the message of Christ continues to go out and reveal what God is like.  The Gospel is impacting many people.  It is ...

  • From his stall piled with pears, apples, dates and the dark brown fruit of oak trees, Ali Jafari watches the gentle stream of shoppers at the weekly sidewalk market.

    They are bundled in scarves and long thermal T-shirts on an overcast, chilly morning on ...

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Afghanistan Country Profile

The attention of the world has become riveted on Afghanistan in recent years. Prior to September 11, 2001, few people knew very much about this beautiful Central Asian country, which is located north… READ MORE
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Outreach resources

Here are some resources to help you reach out to Iranians and other Persians: The Jesus Film - The Jesus Film (alternatively called "Jesus") is a full-length, Biblical dramatic film that depicts the… READ MORE

The Cutting Edge

Mobile Apps 2018

Radio Mojdeh apps get an update

Since our first app for mobile devices appeared in 2015, we have released several updates to improve the usefulness, reliability, and appearance of our Android and iOS apps. Cell phones are extremly important in Iran;… Read more
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