• Twenty-five years ago three of God’s choicest servants in Iran were martyred because of their faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God. 

    The first was Haik Hovsepian Mehr who was Bishop of the Assemblies of God in Tehran. His photo is ...

  • One of the best ways you can serve is by praying for Iranians and the outreach of Voice of Christ Media Ministries to them.

    Here are 10 strategic ways you can reach out to Iranians with Christ's love by praying for them:

    1.  Pray that the Holy Spirit ...

  • We face a big challenge in the 21st century. 

    How can we most effectively use our limited resources to reach the people in Iran with the Gospel? Here in the second decade of the third millennium we are looking at new technology and new ...

  • Tehran, Iran is home to almost 15 million people.  That's a lot of people to feed. 

    But there's no shortage of food.  You can find it on just about every street corner. 

    Many Iranians choose to enjoy street food.  From traditional to Western, it caters ...

  • Millions of Iranians are open to the Gospel. This article explains how to reach their hearts.

    When the history of Iran in the twentieth century is written, the year 1979 will be seen as a defining watershed. The events that unfolded that year have ...

  • It was a little after 4 am when Peter Burke stepped out of his tent and onto the ice in the foothills of the Elburz mountain chain in Iran.

    Even in the pre-dawn gloom, he was acutely aware of standing in the shadow of mighty Mount Damavand, which at ...

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journey to jesus dvd

Journey to Jesus DVD

Journey to Jesus: Building Christ-Centered Friendships with Muslims DVD Curriculum "The greatest obstacle to witnessing to Muslims in North America is we don’t know what this looks like. Journey to… READ MORE
news tablet

Persian World news sources

Sources of up-to-date news. We are not responsible for the content of these sites. Iran: Google - News from Google Gooya - News and other information about Iran Payvand - Iran news from Payvand.com… READ MORE

The Cutting Edge

House Church

Importance of discipling new believers

In addition to evangelism, our other key goal is to build up Christians in their new faith and in their new life. Instructing, encouraging, and building up brand new Iranian believers is an ongoing challenge. But it is… Read more

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