• Watch the Jesus Film in Farsi

    Mission experts have called the ”JESUS” film one of the best-kept secrets in Christian evangelism. It's one of the greatest tools of all time to reach people with the good news of Jesus ...

  • The gracious hospitality of Iranians

    It is possible for tourists to visit Iran and if they do, they will find most Iranians to be very warm and friendly.

    The authorities and morality police may attempt to squelch your joy, but the overwhelming hospitality of the people you meet will more than ...

  • An introduction to Iranian cooking

    Visitors to Iran have long discovered that Iranian food is delicious and Iranian hospitality is special.

    World-renowned chef, best-selling author and Emmy-winning ...

  • Can we help the persecuted?

    Some Iranians who are persecuted for their faith are well known to the Western world. Some have been martyred inside Iran. Others have been imprisoned and harshly treated. Some have eventually been released, and almost all of those have made their way out of Iran to avoid ...

  • On the road in Iranian Kurdistan

    "On the western edge of Iran, Kurdistan province makes up part of a broader Kurdish region, which also spans adjacent sections of Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

    Over the border in Iraq, ...

  • Growing Iranian Christians

    The Lord continues to build His church in Iran.  Even in cities where it is especially dangerous to live as a Christian, God is at work and new believers are joining the family of God.  The fields are white for harvest all over Iran.

    A growing number of ...

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Resources to Help You

journey to jesus dvd

Journey to Jesus DVD

Journey to Jesus: Building Christ-Centered Friendships with Muslims DVD Curriculum "The greatest obstacle to witnessing to Muslims in North America is we don’t know what this looks like. Journey to… Read more

Iran fast facts

Geography Land Area: 1.65 million square kilometers (637,069 square miles) (slightly larger than Alaska) Terrain: Rugged, mountainous rim. High, central basin with deserts, mountains. Small,… Read more

The Cutting Edge

King of Glory Movie

King of Glory movie

Nearly a year-long project came to completion in November when the Farsi version of the King of Glory movie became available on YouTube and Vimeo. It will be available on DVD before too long. Originally released by Rock… Read more

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