• This media ministry reaches Iranians in many places at the same time.  This includes every corner of Iran, 40 other countries within the broadcast footprint of satellite radio, and world-wide for anyone with an internet connection.

    So it is that we ...

  • The Lord continues to build His church in Iran.  Even in cities where it is especially dangerous to live as a Christian, God is at work and new believers are joining the family of God.  The fields are white for harvest all over Iran.

    A growing number of ...

  • Over the years, Voice of Christ Media Ministries has used various methods to broadcast the Gospel into Iran. This includes the initial shortwave radio broadcasts and extends to our present emphasis on podcasts and satellites. Those who have followed us ...

  • What we do is important. But even more important is who we are.

    The following ten "core values" reflect what is important to us and the kind of people we want to be as we serve the Lord. These values influence our personal attitudes and actions as well ...

  • Journey to Jesus: Building Christ-Centered Friendships with Muslims DVD Curriculum

    "The greatest obstacle to witnessing to Muslims in North America is we don’t know what this looks like. Journey to Jesus demonstrates what witnessing looks like and ...

  • The gifted and trained production staff of Voice of Christ Media Ministries writes, records, and mixes our radio programming in a clear, compelling, and culturally-sensitive way. They use professional-quality studios equipped with the latest computer and ...

  • Chelo kebab.  Koobideh kebab.  Qormeh sabzi.  Osh.  Qeimeh.  Zereshk polo. 

    All strange names to an uninitiated Westerner.  But all the names of common dishes among Iranians. 

    A staple is long-grained white rice, slowly steamed to perfection.  It is ...

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Iran fast facts

Geography Land Area: 1.65 million square kilometers (637,069 square miles) (slightly smaller than Alaska) Terrain: Rugged, mountainous rim. High, central basin with deserts, mountains. Small,… READ MORE
Engage Cover 2

Engage Muslims with Christ

God wants the nations to know Christ – so He brought them to your doorstep. You see Muslims in your neighborhoods, schools, grocery stores, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Muslims are more open to the… READ MORE

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Strategic Change in Satellite Ministry

Voice of Christ Media Ministries has made the decision to end our contract with two out of three satellites on January 31, 2024. Why do this? Well, for several reasons… When we got onto the satellite “Hotbird 13” almost 17 years ago, it offered us cutting edge technology. Before that we had relied on shortwave radio to get our programs into Iran. We had to pay a large amount of money to purchase 30-minute blocks of precious air time. Moving to satellite radio meant that we got not just an hour per day, but a 24/7 channel dedicated to our programs! This choice was hugely impactful in terms of getting the Gospel into Iran in a much higher volume than previously available. In recent years though, we have seen a… Read more
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