• Can we help the persecuted?

    Some Iranians who are persecuted for their faith are well known to the Western world. Some have been martyred inside Iran. Others have been imprisoned and harshly treated. Some have eventually been released, and ...

  • On the road in Iranian Kurdistan

    "On the western edge of Iran, Kurdistan province makes up part of a broader Kurdish region, which also spans adjacent sections of Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

    Over the border in Iraq, ...

  • Growing Iranian Christians

    The Lord continues to build His church in Iran.  Even in cities where it is especially dangerous to live as a Christian, God is at work and new believers are joining the family of God.  The fields are white for harvest all over Iran.

    A growing number of ...

  • Sharing Christ with your Muslim friends

    All too often, Christians have responded to Muslims with fear, or worse, without the compassion that characterized Jesus. They may mean well, but they lack training ...

  • A delicious introduction to Iranian food

    Chelo kebab.  Koobideh kebab.  Qormeh sabzi.  Osh.  Qeimeh.  Zereshk polo. 

    All strange names to an uninitiated Westerner.  But all the names of ...

  • Broadcasting the Seed of the Word

    This media ministry reaches Iranians in many places at the same time.  This includes every corner of Iran, 40 other countries within the broadcast footprint of satellite radio, and world-wide for anyone with an internet connection.

    So it is that we are ...

  • A visit to intriguing Iran

    It is possible for foreigners to tour Iran and have a wonderful experience. The News & Observer correspondent Michael Solender and his wife discovered this firsthand. Michael writes:

    "Iran doesn’t make it onto most Americans’ vacation radar. Yet for me and ...

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Resources to Help You

7 Ways to Share with Muslims

Ways you can share your faith with Muslims

Trevor Castor writes that a friend recently told him that he was afraid to talk to Muslims about Jesus. His fear was not the result of watching the news or recent events. He was afraid to talk to… Read more

Iran Country Profile

Iran is a beautiful land in many ways. It lies between the Caspian Sea in the north and the Persian Gulf in the south. A large central plateau is surrounded on three sides by impressive mountain… Read more

The Cutting Edge

King of Glory Movie

King of Glory movie

Nearly a year-long project came to completion in November when the Farsi version of the King of Glory movie became available on YouTube and Vimeo. It will be available on DVD before too long. Originally released by Rock… Read more

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