• False ideas about God cause people to worship in a distorted manner and live out their lives tragically separated from God.

    Thankfully, the message of Christ continues to go out and reveal what God is like.  The Gospel is impacting many people.  It is not just changing their belief system.  It is also changing their inner character.

    "Rahim" is a young man in Iran who trusted ...

  • From his stall piled with pears, apples, dates and the dark brown fruit of oak trees, Ali Jafari watches the gentle stream of shoppers at the weekly sidewalk market.

    They are bundled in scarves and long thermal T-shirts on an overcast, chilly morning on ...

  • Iran is one of the least-reached countries of the world as far as Gospel outreach is concerned.  There are relatively few means available to reach the 85 million people who live there.  The country is officially an Islamic Republic, and the authorities ...

  • Muslims are becoming Jesus followers in many countries of the world.

    The COMMA Network has published the results of a survey of 750 Muslims who converted to Christianity. 

    It concludes there are five predominant reasons why Muslims choose to follow ...

  • Flick through almost any travel magazine these days and you're bound to come across an article hailing Iran as the next big destination.

    Prompting the spike in interest in the Islamic Republic is recent geopolitical wrangling in the shape of a nuclear ...

  • If you live in America or you’re packing a US passport in a far-away land, you may be aware that we’re living through some crazy days here. Really, we talk about it all over, so even if you’re not an American you may be aware as well. I’m not super old, ...

  • The years prior to the Islamic Revolution in Iran contrasted sharply with the Iran of today.  There was relative freedom to sow the Seed of God’s Word across the country.  A lot of it went out through personal witness, preaching and teaching, radio, ...

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Farsi literature and other material

Recommended sources of Persian (Farsi) evangelistic and discipleship literature, Bibles, New Testaments, videos, CDs, and other resources: Bible Societies - The Bible Societies in different countries… READ MORE
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Learn about the Persian World

The term "Persians" refers to people who speak Persian as their mother tongue or who trace their ethnicity to the ancient Indo-European people called the Aryans who moved south from Central Asia… READ MORE

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Radio Mojdeh podcasts are taking off!

Podcasts are proving to be a potent tool for penetrating Iran. They overcome obstacles that Iranians face with internet blocking, expensive cellular data service, and unreliable internet connections. Our podcasts are… Read more
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