• 1. Ignore Jesus’ request in John 4:35 that we take a long hard look at the fields. Seeing the needs of people can be depressing and very unsettling. It could lead to genuine missionary concern. (John 4:35 “Do you not say, `Four months more and then the ...

  • A new book by our friend Roy Oksnevad has recently come off the press. This is highly recommended reading, especially for those wanting to help Iranian Christians in the diaspora.

    Every person coming to Christ has baggage, but a first-generation ...

  • Iran is a beautiful country with many interesting places to visit and enjoy. The people are friendly and engaging.

    Iranian photographer Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji has captured some of the beauty in a series of photographs that were published by CNN. ...

  • The Lord has called us to proclaim the Word of God.  Only He can make the changes in the human heart, and He uses His Word to do that.  We teach the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit makes the application to each individual heart. 

    God works in ways that ...

  • The 3rd edition of the “King of Glory” movie on DVD is now available. This edition includes Farsi for Iranians plus 15 other languages. The languages cover half the world's population. "King of Glory" makes sense to its worldwide audience of all ages and ...

  • Millions of Iranians use satellite dishes to receive television programs. Mixed in with the television channels are Farsi-language radio channels that can be heard on the same equipment. The broadcast footprint of the satellite that we use extends from ...

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Allah in Islam

Muslims believe there is one God and his name is Allah. What is Allah like? How does he relate to people? What is his relationship to Jesus? And how can Christians build bridges to Muslims? This… READ MORE

Farsi literature and other material

Recommended sources of Persian (Farsi) evangelistic and discipleship literature, Bibles, New Testaments, videos, CDs, and other resources: Bible Societies - The Bible Societies in different countries… READ MORE

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“Our Daily Bread” to be recorded in Farsi

We thank God for connecting us with two new Iranian voices to help record an audio version of “Our Daily Bread” for Radio Mojdeh. Maryam and Ebrahim’s newest project will involve over a thousand short recordings!… Read more

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