• A Letter from Prison

    Today Christian believers in Iran are going through fiery trials simply because they are followers of Jesus.  Many are being threatened and arrested.  Some are kept in filthy, ...

  • Iranian professor helps pioneer Google Earth and Street View

    The Mercury News reports: For one of Silicon Valley’s most important inventions, we can thank Avideh Zakhor, creator of ...

  • 2017 persecution World Watch list

    Christians are the most persecuted group in the world. The persecution of Christians is not only increasing but is also spreading to more corners of the globe. Incidents are occurring on every continent.

  • "What is Christianity?"

    During the first half of the 20th century, one of the choice men God used to proclaim the Gospel in Iran was Dr. William Miller. A warm and gregarious man, Dr. Miller traveled all over the country teaching the Word of God and making disciples. He was a prolific writer and one ...

  • Our passion

    What we do is important. But even more important is who we are.

    The following ten "core values" reflect what is important to us and the kind of people we want to be as we serve the Lord. These values influence our personal attitudes and actions as ...

  • Climbing Iran's Mount Damavand: The last corner of the Earth

    It was a little after 4 am when Peter Burke stepped out of his tent and onto the ice in the foothills of the Elburz mountain chain in Iran.

    Even in the pre-dawn gloom, he was acutely aware of standing in the shadow of mighty Mount Damavand, which at 5,671 meters is ...

  • Intriguing things you never knew about Iran and Iranians

    By now, word has spread that Iran is not an Arab country (Iran means “land of the Aryans”).

    As more travelers venture into this previously uncharted territory, they are witnessing an exciting reality that, to many, seems contradictory to decades of bad press.

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map tajikistan

Tajikistan fast facts

Geography Land Area: 144,100 square kilometers (56,637 square miles) (slightly smaller than Wisconsin) Terrain: Pamir and Alay mountains dominate the landscape. Western Fergana Valley in north.… Read more

Bridges Training

Bridges is recommended curriculum developed by Crescent Project meant to introduce Christians to Islam and pave the way for building relationships with the Muslims in your community. Bridges training… Read more

The Cutting Edge

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What's in the future?

Voice of Christ Media Ministries is constantly monitoring the tech landscape for better ways to send our message to Iranian people. Over the years, old technologies have died and new ones have been created. Future… Read more

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