A visit to intriguing Iran

michaelsolenderIt is possible for foreigners to tour Iran and have a wonderful experience. The News & Observer correspondent Michael Solender and his wife discovered this firsthand. Michael writes:

"Iran doesn’t make it onto most Americans’ vacation radar. Yet for me and my wife, Harriet, experiencing the wonders of ancient Persia has topped our bucket list for some time. What surprised us most during our recent 25-day journey there was how wonderfully welcoming the Iranian people were and the warm reception we received everywhere we went. American tourists are a rarity in Iran, and we were the subject of much curiosity and delight."

During their tour of Iran, Michael Solender and his wife traveled more than 3,000 miles by bus, visited many fascinating places and experienced Iranian hospitality firsthand.

They were pleasantly surprised, and Michael wrote this article and posted several photos to document their time in Iran.

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