Building a solid foundation

Sound Bible teaching is necessary for all Christians.  Bible HoldingBelievers need to draw comfort, strength and guidance from the Scriptures to face the ordeals of life.

Unfortunately, false teachers are attempting to deceive Christians in the world, just as the New Testament had warned. This is one reason why we are so committed to teaching the Bible accurately and relevantly and getting biblical content into the hands of Iranian church leaders and other Christian believers. This is a main focus of our radio broadcasts, the Persian website and other outreach efforts.

Although we normally prefer to have other ministries take on publishing projects, we have partnered with another ministry to print an important book called "Basic Bible Doctrine" in the Persian language. The material started out as a series of radio programs, and our team prepared it for publication. We can now make copies of this book available to interested Iranian Christian believers, including church leaders who need to be equipped to teach God’s Word.

Pray that Iranian Christian believers will be solidly grounded in the Scriptures and encouraged and edified in the difficult months ahead. Pray that they will find our radio broadcasts and website and become firmly established in the truth. Pray that those who have questions about Christianity will not be led astray from the foundational truth of salvation by faith alone in Christ alone.

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