Don't Waste Your Life!

Dont Waste Your Life Video"You've worked for it. Now enjoy it. 20 years perhaps of play. Ease while the world uncared for medically, uneducated, filthy water, poverty-stricken, unevangelized - sink under the weight of healthy sixty-five year old people playing bridge, shuffleboard and collecting shells, and fishing and golfing their way into the presence of King Jesus.

And you know what, you're going to join them unless at this stage in your life you make some very radical decisions."

So says John Piper in this moving video. Aimed at youth who have most of their lives ahead of them, it will rock your world if you take it seriously.

This 5-minute video by HistoryMakers features John Piper and Lecrae. It’s worth the watch. If you’d like a rap version of John Piper’s book, “Don’t Waste your Life,” (or the Great Commission), watch this video.

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