God met him on the roof!

RooftopSunsetBahram lives in Kurdistan, Iraq.  He is half Iranian and half Iraqi.  He came to know the Lord after listening to our radio broadcasts seven years ago.

As a teenager he often slept out on the family’s roof at night during the hot summer months and watch the stars. He would listen to shortwave radio broadcasts, including ours.  And he would pray and tell God that if He could just come down to earth, He would understand the pain and suffering that people went through. Of course, that is exactly what Christ did for Bahram and all of us when He came in flesh to this world. At first, Bahram did not know this because he had never heard the Gospel.  But before long he came to understand, and he put his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is now 25 years old.  Last summer he reconnected with us. Our follow-up staff has been in contact with him, and we are all amazed at the growth in this young man’s life. God even led him to a good church fellowship.  Initially, he asked us if it would be all right if he attended a Catholic or Orthodox church because that was the only kind of church he could find. Before we could respond, a man on the street handed Bahram a tract and invited him to their fellowship. They were true believers and Bahram was thrilled.

He phoned and left a voicemail for us. In a few short sentences Bahram managed to say thank you nine times:

“I’m calling to thank you for the daily programs you air on the radio. These programs are so uplifting and are a real blessing. I’m calling to thank every one of you, and I hope that God will bless every one of you dear and great ones!

I also want to thank [your follow-up staff] for calling and answering my questions. I am really very grateful for the love they show me. Since they’re aware of my situation, please let them know I’m going to a protestant church.  They have accepted me as a member, and I go every week and always receive lots of blessing by the grace of God. I come home from church with a full heart. I became a member of this church because you prayed for me, and I just want to thank all of you.

I don’t have any special questions, I just wanted to say thank you for the programs. Thank you again. Thank you for your love. I thank you again. Thank you.”

God is reaching the hearts of the least-reached, including Iranians who live in some of the most isolated parts of the world.  The power of Christ is at work among Iranians!

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