How to pray for Iran

praying_smOne of the best ways you can serve is by praying for Iranians and the outreach of Voice of Christ Media Ministries to them.

Here are 10 strategic ways you can reach out to Iranians with Christ's love by praying for them:

1.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts of millions of Iranians, convict them of sin and cause them to be hungry to hear the Word of God and learn of Christ.
2.  Pray that the Lord will use the present difficult economic and political circumstances in Iran to cause Iranians to become disillusioned with Islam.
3.  Pray that many radio listeners, web visitors and social media users will see the uniqueness of Jesus and be convicted of their sin and need for salvation
4.  Pray that many Iranians worldwide will visit Christian websites in the Farsi language like Radio Mojdeh.
5.  Pray that Christian Farsi websites, as well as satellite radio and television broadcasts, will help answer the questions and misunderstandings that many Muslims have about Christianity.
6.  Pray that thousands of Iranian Christians will be grounded in the Word, encouraged and strengthened as they are exposed to Bible teaching via radio and internet.
7.  Pray for persecuted Iranian believers. Pray for their protection and that their faith will remain strong.
8.  Pray for Iranians who are in prison for their faith, that God’s presence will encourage and renew them.
9.  Pray for the Lord’s supply of necessary funds for getting the Word of God into Iran.
10.  Pray for the Voice of Christ Media team that each one will be strong in the Lord, courageous and full of faith and love.

To learn about other important ways to pray for Iran and Iranians, see the Prayercast on Iran.

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