Iran, a tourist destination with a difference

persepolis1Iran is a fascinating land of many contrasts.

Although not widely known as a tourist destination, it has many interesting places that are worth visiting. Individuals and groups regularly tour the country and come away with positive impressions.

Once you visit Iran, you’ll witness diverse landscapes that include mountains, rivers, and deserts. You’ll discover colorful bazaars, ancient ruins, deserts with camels and caravansaries, and snow-topped mountains.

You’ll experience its wonderful culture, numerous historical locations, and mouth-watering cooking. Best of all, you’ll find warm and welcoming people who will extend sincere Persian hospitality to you.

Iran is home to many places mentioned in the Bible.  You can see the ornate tomb of King Cyrus, walk inside the tomb of Queen Esther, and contemplate Persepolis, the ruins of the palace of King Darius (pictured in the photo).  What's more, you can better understand the customs of the Bible reflected in the Persian culture of today.

God created natural protection for Iranians in the north with the Alborz mountains that rise sharply from the green and humid Caspian Sea area. In the west, the Persian Gulf lies at the foot of the Zagros mountain range. High desert stretches to the southeast. The rich oil fields beneath Iran lie in the southwest, conveniently close to the Persian Gulf.

Some areas are inhabited by nomadic tribes who move their livestock seasonally in much the same way their forefathers did two thousand years ago. There are modern cities and ancient villages. You’ll gain an insight into the lives of Silk Road traders and gaze at the beauty of Persian carpets, famous around the world. You can relax at luxurious resorts on islands in the Persian Gulf.

Check out these links for more information about what to see.  Many travel agencies can help you plan a visit to Iran and advise you about any travel restrictions.

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