Iranian fathers and the diverse daughters they've raised

father-daughterFathers and their relationship with their daughters - it's one of the special aspects of family life that exists in any culture, including that of Iranians inside Iran.

Check out this photo blog to view a series of fascinating photos taken by Nafise Motlaq, an Iranian university lecturer. Motlaq set out to show the big differences that exist within families in Iran and the different views daughters have of their fathers. Some of the photos and the captions will surprise you.

Jordan G. Teicher, the author of the blog, writes, "The fathers she ultimately photographed represent a range of professions, from farmers to engineers to clerics. Their daughters’ descriptions of them are just as varied. Some seem protective (“My friends think he cares about me too much but I think he is a great supporter in my life,” one said) while others come across as quite liberal (“Our father has studied in Europe. That’s why he gave us all freedom the Western youths have in personal life,” said another).

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