Millions of Iranians are open to the Gospel!

troubled man fenceMillions of Iranians and other Persian speakers are open to the Gospel and want to know more about Jesus Christ.

Countless numbers log in to the Persian website, open their mobile apps, or tune their radios and satellite dishes to our radio station to hear God’s Word in their own language.

We follow up those who contact us. We answer their questions, give biblical counsel and send materials to teach seekers the Gospel and help Christian believers grow in their faith.

Here are some translated responses. We invite our supporters to join us in prayer for them and many others who are being impacted by the Word of God.

I want to become a Christian – "For several days I have been searching and studying about Christianity. I want to become a Christian and have faith in Christ. I am asking you because there’s nothing else I can do. Please help me.” – a seeker

I have a question – "I have a question for you about when we become believers and trust Jesus Christ as our Lord and accept Him as our God.  This creates a relationship between God and us, doesn’t it?  Just like father and son.  Because we are new believers, this relationship is difficult to understand.  Can you explain this more thoroughly?” – a young man

My hope is in Jesus – “Now that I am Christian, what should I do about my faith? My wife and her family do not know about my new faith. Since I’ve started to have correspondence with you, I count the seconds until I receive your responses. I cannot wait, although I am a patient person. My hope is in God and in Jesus (Hazrat Massih)." – a new Christian

You heard my voice “I want to send a poem to you because you heard my voice in the most difficult moments of my life." – a young man

I thank you for your advice – “I thank you for your love and peaceful advice. As usual, I want to ask for your guidance.” – a young woman

Without the Word of God, this life would be as cramped as a cage – “I am so glad to receive the Psalms and your wise words. Indeed without the Word of God, this life would be as cramped as a small cage!” – a young man

You took a heavy burden from me – “Greetings and thank you for your email. Your explanations have always been a source of strength to me. And this time too, you took a heavy burden from me. I hope the Lord will always be your shelter and refuge and you will be protected in His love.”a man struggling with depression

Thank you for showing your love to me – “I always gladly read your answers on which you spend a lot of time. Besides the holy presence of Jesus who is alive and is waiting to come again, you are my moral and spiritual support in this earthly world. Thank you for showing your love to me. I had a phone call from you this morning which brought peace to my heart.” – a deeply religious young man

I will owe you long as I live – “It was you who for the first time seriously enlightened the love of the Father in my heart. I will owe you for this as long as I live.” – a young man

When I look at you, I see something different – "Only the Lord can reward you for the labor you all endure. The topics that you choose and broadcast from the radio are wonderful and are truly from the pure Word of God. The sermons that you broadcast are fantastic. There are many churches in the world today. But when I look at you I see something else, something different."a Christian in Europe

Millions of Iranians are open to the Gospel. Please pray for them and consider supporting this ministry.

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