Mobile Apps 2018Mobile phones are “cutting edge” in Iran. There are more cell phones in Iran than there are people! They are also extremely strategic tools for sending the Word of God into Iran and reaching the hearts of people with the message of Christ.

The first generation of our Radio Mojdeh mobile phone apps was made possible by financial gifts from our faithful friends. Thank you!

We now need to upgrade the apps. They will be a gateway to all the ministries of Radio Mojdeh. They will play our live 24/7 radio station as well as connect to our Farsi website, Facebook page, YouTube videos, and Telegram channel. Users will be able to leave voicemails or send emails to our follow-up team.

You can reach the hearts of Iranians by being a part of the “next generation” of phone apps. The total cost of this project is US$5,800.We are trusting God to provide both the cost of the phone apps and the ongoing ministry expenses through our good friends.

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