Our passion

Young FamilyWhat we do is important. But even more important is who we are.

The following ten "core values" reflect what is important to us and the kind of people we want to be as we serve the Lord. These values influence our personal attitudes and actions as well as how we minister.

We admit that sometimes we fail in our application of these values. At our moments of failure, we have to run to the Cross of Christ where there is always abundant mercy and grace. But these "core values" describe how we sincerely desire to live and serve.

Making the Lord Jesus Christ known in the Persian world

This central passion drives us. In fact, this is the reason why Voice of Christ Media Ministries exists. Jesus Christ died for us and lovingly drew us to Himself. Just before He ascended to heaven, He asked His disciples to go in His Name and spread the Gospel to the entire world. How can we do anything less than to honor our Savior by carrying out His last request?

Our efforts to carry out the Great Commission focus on the Persian World. This is one of the least reached parts of the world. Most Persians have never ever heard a clear presentation of the Gospel and are completely isolated from the personal witness of a Christian.

Using Persian radio, Internet and other media to accomplish our mission

We use radio broadcasts, the Internet and other media to teach God’s Word because these are some of the few ways available to reach the Persian World. Although other tools have an important place in the advancement of the Kingdom of God, we have chosen to focus on the use of electronic media, especially audio media. Although over fifty languages are spoken in the Persian World, our current resources dictate that we specialize in using the Persian or Farsi language.

Submitting to the authority of God’s Word

The Bible is God's inspired and authoritative Word. In fact, it is the only sure word that we have from God, and we believe we can stake our very lives on its truths. We sincerely desire to obey everything the Bible teaches, even though we’re still learning how to be obedient disciples. Because the Bible is God's inspired Word, its message is central in everything that we say on our radio programs and write in our follow-up correspondence.

Teaching God's Word accurately and relevantly

We desire to teach the Scriptures accurately so that the meaning that is conveyed is exactly what God intended. One of our greatest fears is that we will inadvertently obscure the meaning of God's Word. So, we strive for accuracy as we explain what the Bible says and means. We also want to apply the Scriptures relevantly to the real-life situations that our listeners face.

Being people of integrity and personal holiness

While our service is certainly vital, even more important in the eyes of God is what we are like on the inside. Consequently, we want to be men and women of absolute integrity who shun duplicity and hypocrisy and where our walk matches our talk. We invite the Lord to continue to knock the rough edges off our characters as we daily learn at His feet.

Being accountable and open to correction

Pride sometimes skews the way people view themselves. Left to ourselves, many of us would prefer to do our own thing without seeking counsel from others or being open to corrective words. We realize this tendency can shipwreck us—personally and as a ministry. So, we seek to be accountable to one another and to those who are in authority over us. While correction can initially make us wince, we recognize there are times when we need people to come alongside and help us see our flaws.

Communicating openly, honestly and in love

Here we are talking about interpersonal relationships between staff members, people in other "sister" ministries, the larger Body of Christ and our radio listening audience. Not only do we want to learn to have open communication with one another, we also desire to tell always the truth with an attitude of love and humility. This also includes the way we communicate in the letters and newsletters that we send to our supporters.

Esteeming the unity of the Body of Christ

Because we deeply appreciate the Body of Christ and value all true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we desire to promote unity among our brothers and sisters, especially those whose ministries overlap ours to some degree. We also desire to partner with them as much as possible, and we genuinely rejoice when other servants of the Lord are used by Him.

Striving for excellence in all that we do

We desire excellence, not perfection. The Name of Jesus Christ is excellent, and we want to accurately represent Him as His ambassadors. We want to avoid distorting His reputation by broadcasting radio programs that have distracting technical or production flaws or by communicating with our supporters in a fleshly way.

Trusting God to meet every need and challenge

God has given us a wonderful open door to reach into the Persian World daily with His powerful Word. But we are always conscious of our weaknesses as we encounter needs and challenges. However, because Voice of Christ Media Ministries belongs to our omnipotent and compassionate Lord and because He has called us, we believe we can completely trust Him to provide all that we need to face the challenges. This ministry exists to bring the glory to His Name that He rightly deserves. We depend on Him as we move forward in His Name.

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