Pray for the Persians

familyWhere is the fastest growing church in the world? Brazil? China? The United States? South Africa?

No. Iran.

That’s right. For several decades, this Islamic Republic has seen the most explosive growth of new followers of Jesus.

And yet Iran’s largest ethnic group – the Persians – are considered unreached. Why is that?

Because, while there are hundreds of thousands of believers now across Iran, the fact is that this represents a very small percentage of the over 37 million Persian people.

God IS moving in power among the unreached Persians! Even under severe persecution, people are turning to Jesus faster than anywhere else on earth today. And we’re asking for MORE!

Tens of millions of Persians have still never had the opportunity to hear that God loves them and came to earth Himself to show them how much. And so we pray!

Together let's watch and pray,

The Prayercast Team has produced a prayer video on how to pray for the Persian people.

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