Prepared messengers, prepared seekers

hamedan_streetGod is powerfully moving in the hearts of Iranians and preparing them. Many have come to discover that Islam does not meet their deepest needs and are actively seeking to know about Jesus Christ.

However, it's not enough for people to simply have prepared hearts. To experience salvation, they also need to hear the good news about Jesus Christ.

Do you remember the fascinating story of Cornelius in Acts 10? A Gentile military man, he feared God, faithfully prayed and generously gave to needy people. However, although he was pious, he was spiritually lost because he had not experienced salvation and spiritual regeneration.

But one day God got his attention. Cornelius saw a vision in which an angel told him to contact Simon Peter who was staying in another town. So Cornelius sent two servants and a soldier to Peter. While this was happening, God was uniquely preparing Peter's very Jewish heart so that when the servants and the soldier arrived, he was ready to go back with them and to reach out to this Gentile seeker.

It's significant what Peter told Cornelius when he arrived at his house. Instead of commending Cornelius for being a God-fearing man, Peter clearly preached Jesus to him. As a result of hearing the Gospel, Cornelius put his faith in Jesus Christ and was saved.

The vision got Cornelius' attention. But to experience salvation, he needed to hear the message of Jesus Christ presented to him by a prepared messenger. Peter was that messenger.

There are many parallels in what's happening among present-day Iranians. Millions of them have been taught all their lives to fear God. Now they need a messenger to explain the message of Christ.

This is why we're so committed to what we're doing. We sense a strong call from God to be His messengers. God has given us some wonderful tools to preach Jesus Christ to Iranians. As they hear the Gospel message, some respond by putting their faith in Jesus Christ.

God is using His messengers to explain Christ to Iranian seekers. We're deeply thankful for each one of the Voice of Christ Media Ministries prayer partners and financial supporters who help make it possible for the Gospel message to continue to reach Iranians.

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