Reach Muslims in your neighborhood

journey to jesusHave you noticed Muslims living in your neighborhood? Attending your children’s school? Shopping at the local Walmart or grocery store? Muslims continue to immigrate to the US as the wars in the Middle-East roar.

Some are fleeing for their lives with literally the clothes on their backs. Others are here as students in local colleges and universities. Many have been in the U.S. for a long time and may be citizens. And some are looking for a new faith that doesn’t fight or kill. They are disillusioned by current events in their home countries. They are seeking God. Will you help them find Him?


PARTNER AND PRAYER—Connect with at least one other person in your church or area who is interested in reaching Muslims. Begin to pray together for Muslims that you have contact with. Pray for God’s appointments to talk with them, that they would have dreams of Jesus, that they would accept the “Life of Jesus” DVD and Scripture booklets. Continue to pray for your Muslim friends throughout this process.

BECOME INFORMED—Listen to and read current news reports to learn what is happening throughout the Muslim world, what cities are being attacked, and where the refugees are coming from. Learn what Muslims believe by reading reliable resources. See resources on Comma Network.

BEGIN CONVERSATIONS WITH MUSLIM FRIENDS AND CO-WORKERS—Ask questions about their family and children’s school situation, and news from “back home” if they are immigrants. Be interested in them and their lives. The approach is always men-to-men and women-to-women. Do not cross gender lines, as this is not culturally or religiously acceptable.

CONTINUE CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THEIR CULTURE AND TRADITIONS AND WHAT THEY BELIEVE—Do not take an “attack” approach or tell them they are wrong. Do not wave the Bible in their faces. Instead, be interested and listen to what they believe. This may give you insight into whether they are a dedicated Muslim or seeking something else. It may open the door for you to share what you believe.

HELP THEM SETTLE INTO LIFE IF THEY ARE NEW ARRIVALS—This might include learning English, tutoring for their school children, finding a doctor or dentist, locating stores and government offices, and learning about American life. Members of your church may be able to help with some areas.

GIVE A GIFT—Give them the “Life of Jesus” DVD, a Scripture portion, or a seasonal worship CD, especially around Muslim or Christian holidays. You could say, “We give each other gifts during the Christmas season; I’d like to give you a gift that has meant a lot to me.” Be gracious if they decline the gift. They may request it later.


PRACTICE HOSPITALITY—Invite your Muslim friend and their family to your home for tea, a meal, or a BBQ. You could team up with your prayer partner. You will probably be invited to their home in return. See “The Ministry of Hospitality."

INVITE THEM TO A CONCERT, PLAY, OR CELEBRATION AT YOUR CHURCH OR IN YOUR COMMUNITY—Explain the reasons for and traditions of Christmas and other holidays. Ask if they have any questions.

CONTINUE TO FOLLOW UP YOUR CONVERSATIONS AND BUILD YOUR FRIENDSHIP—Many Muslims are looking for American friends. They want to be accepted in their new country. Introduce them to your Christian friends and any MBBs you may know.

BEGIN INTRODUCING THEM TO THE BIBLE—When they have questions about the Bible or Christianity, suggest that you read the Bible together. Begin with Matthew and show them that the story of Jesus is found in the Gospels. Realize that they will know very little about the Bible. If you feel comfortable leading a basic Bible study, you could move to an organized study of the Gospels. Pray for them to understand God’s Word.

PRAY WITH THEM—Offer to pray for them in Jesus’ name when they share a problem or difficulty. Most Muslims appreciate being prayed for.

EXPLAIN THE GOSPEL—As your Muslim friend hears and reads God’s Word and trusts you as a friend, you have the opportunity to help him or her find salvation through Jesus. This is a long process for most Muslims, so don’t give up. Give God time to work in his/her heart.

This article was wirtten by Darla Oksnevad
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