Three lies every Muslim is taught

veiled womenIn his insightful blog, John Thomas identifies three misunderstandings Muslims commonly have about the authority of the Bible, who Jesus is, and the way of salvation. He also gives practical suggestions for how Christians can respond to these misunderstandings.

Thomas writes: "We are deeply saddened by what Muslims believe about the Bible, Jesus, and humanity’s relationship with God. We don’t totally blame them for their misinformed views — they have been taught lies about Christianity from childhood. These lies pose little threat to our faith as their corrosive power is no match for the hope we have in Christ and the strength we gain from his body in our city (both foreigners and locals), a strength that keeps us as close to him as we’ve ever been. But these lies are a real and tangible obstacle to the eternal joy of those who believe them. These untruths are like spiritual blinders that keep Muslims from knowing the love of Christ."

Read the rest of this blog here on the Desiring God website.


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