Voice of Christ Media reaches the Persian world

Tehran1During the Cold War, God used Christian radio to bring hope to those suffering behind the Iron Curtain. Today Voice of Christ Media Ministries reaches the Persian World behind the veil of Islam with the life-changing message of God’s Word.

Radio programs are born in the production studio and then broadcast 24/7 from satellite radio channels and an internet radio station. We also utilize Radio Mojdeh mobile apps and podcasts, social media, a Farsi Facebook page, and Instagram and Telegram channels.

These media are growing in popularity, and their message reaches millions of thirsty hearts in Iran, Afghanistan, and other parts of the Persian world. Every minute of every program reaches tens of thousands of listeners and app users.

As Iranians and Afghans learn about Jesus Christ, many are becoming followers of Christ and growing spiritually through the teaching that we offer.

Voice of Christ Media Ministries provides teaching, encouragement and resources for spiritually-thirsty listeners who often have no one else to turn to for help and encouragement.

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