Watch the Jesus Film in Farsi

Jesus Film 1Mission experts have called the ”JESUS” film one of the best-kept secrets in Christian evangelism. It's one of the greatest tools of all time to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ. Based on the Gospel of Luke, the "JESUS" film dramatizes the life of Jesus from his birth to his sacrificial death and victorious resurrection.

It has been dubbed in more than 1,300 languages, with new languages being added every month. This allows God’s Word to speak to people in more than 200 countries in languages they know and understand. By God’s grace, it's yielding a spiritual harvest of unprecedented results.

"JESUS" is also available in Farsi, the language spoken by Iranians. God has powerfully used the movie to impact the hearts of thousands of Iranians and to draw many to faith in Christ. Even though Muslims typically deny that Jesus was crucified, many are deeply moved by the crucifixion scene in the movie.

We highly recommend that you invite your Iranian friends to watch the Farsi-language version of "JESUS" with you. To receive a free DVD of "JESUS" in Farsi, contact us. We'll be happy to send you one. We want to help you share Christ with your Iranian friends. Or you may play the free online version here.

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