You can reach Iranians!

young man tabletYou can have a part in evangelizing Iranians, and we can help you.

God has given strategic tools to Voice of Christ Media Ministries to communicate the message of Christ. Those tools include satellite and internet radio, mobile apps and social media. Although missionaries were forced out of Iran in 1979, our media penetrate every corner of the country 365 days of the year, 24 hours of every day.

We minister to both Iranian Muslim seekers and Christian believers.  Evangelistic radio programs and audio and written content on a Farsi-language website explain who Christ is and how He can provide salvation through His death and resurrection. Answers are given to the questions that Muslims commonly have about Christ and Christian teaching. Other content focuses on building the faith of Christian believers.

With two-thirds of Iran’s population under 30, radio programming and website content especially target young adults. Tough issues such as depression, suicide, drugs, divorce and unemployment are addressed so youth will discover that God’s love can be truly relevant in their lives and that Christ can set them free.

God has given us strategic tools for reaching Iranians. By faith we shine the light for a people sitting, walking and living in darkness. We are completely dependent on the Lord and dedicate ourselves and the work of our hands to Him.

We'd like to put these tools into your hands so you too can have a part in reaching out to Iranians. You may not speak Farsi. But you can help share the powerful, life-changing message of Jesus Christ with Iranians through your prayer and gifts..

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